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Emergency Department:

The 20-beds Emergency Department is located next to the side entrance of the hospital. There is a respiratory isolation, a psychiatric isolation room, pediatric emergency room, VIP room, burn unit, outpatient operating room. The department is equipped with three ambulances to provide service to the public.

At the entrance of this ward there is CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) room equipped with respiratory ventilator, suction, central oxygen, defibrillator and monitoring.

There is also an injection room. An advantage of this department is the quick, easy access to support services such as radiology and laboratory.

 In this department men and women are provided with outpatient and inpatient health services separately.

This department function around the clock throughout the year with an emergency physician and a general physician in three 8-hour shifts.

Medical emergencies :

The emergency medical center has been set up in a separate building near the hospital with the use of experienced and skilled experts and technicians and the use of advanced ambulances equipped with the best medical equipment needed to perform medical missions. This center has the ability to perform three missions at the same time with the possibility of performing CPR operations on the spot.

Air emergency

A space for a helicopter pad has been built in the premises of this hospital, which has international helipad standards and trained personnel. This ability can play an important role in moving the injured pations.